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These photos were taken by a 35mm camera mounted on the wing of a vintage WWII T-6/SNJ Harvard. This is 5,000 feet above just south of Orlando, Florida. 

Look closely. Yup - that's me sitting in the front seat. 


This is not an optical illusion. This WWII fighter plane is perpendicular to the ground at an altitude of 5,000 feet. The plane is climbing as we are now going into a 360 degree loop turn. At 160 mph, we will be upside down, then the nose of the plane will face towards the ground, we will then level off again.


Yup! We are almost upside down at 160 mph. The gentleman seated in the back seat is the pilot. He allowed me to take control of the plane and fly it. And yes - I flew the plane into a second 360 degree loop. We also did a couple of 360 degree rolls. I didn't land the plane, Erik landed  the plane, which is why I am around to scan these photos. This 30 minute flight is all on video tape with sound. The video was taken with three cameras - a wing mounted camera, a tail mounted camera, and another mounted in the front of the cockpit facing up at the "rookie flyboy".